Leafboard is committed to sell you top quality electric skateboards that definitely meet your requirements as a rider. If you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact us.

1.Where can I get components for replacement?
We constantly provide qualified replacement for our products. You may purchase them on our website. For case that you don't know which components is suitable for your board, please just contact us. Our well-trained support colleagues will help you.

2. What is the max-weight capability of your boards?
Approximately 95KG(210lbs). The speed and endurance will be affected by rider's weight of course.

3.What is your quality and return policy?
We provide 180-days money back guarantee for all boards sold on our official website.

4.Can I push like a non-electric skateboard?
Sure you can. Kindly reminder: the resistance may greater than non-electric boards.

5.Can I take your board onto plane?
Unfortunately, most of airlines forbid electric skateboards on their planes. You may consult your airline company for authoritative answer.
Just for your reference, Leafboard battery is 110WH.

6.What is the maximum speed of Leafboard electric skateboards?
Our electric skateboards could reach as maximum of 18.5 mph, when ride on flat surface.

7. How long can I ride before the battery running out?
With fully charged, the battery could at last drive your board up to 12.5 miles. This can vary depending on speed and weight of rider.

8. How long does it take for fully charged?
2 hours approximately.

9. Can this skateboard go up hills?
Absolutely! We build powerful boards, which can conquer hills up to 11 degree.

10. How about your security system?
Absolutely confident! To meet the highest quality standards, we spent more than 13 months to run through all security factors (from controlling system to braking experience) in this industry. We are pround to guarantee better performance than average standards in this industry.

But your safty, Leafboard still suggests that every rider should wear proper protection gear such as helmet and knee & elbow pads to avoid injury.

11. Is there any age suggestion for your boards?
Our boards fit for all ages. The deck is designed for standing stably. We also have three speed modes for different user group: ECO, Sport and Pro. ECO mode is best for beginers. It is slower than other modes, which chould help you to get familiar with our board. For experienced riders, you may choose Sport or Pro mode for faster speed.
Becareful, our board could be faster than your expection.

12. What type of battery does it use?
LEAFBOARD uses the polymer lithium cell with great capability, high-ratio discharge band to ensure absolutely security.

13. Can the board work without a remote control?
No. In order for the skateboard to work properly, you must use a remote control. The remote control can instruct the skateboard from upto 30m away, but we still recommend that it stays in the hands of the rider at all times to avoid injury.

14. Does the remote also stop the board?
Yes. The remote control includes baking and speeding functionality.

15. If I don't like it, can I return it?
No problem, although we are confident that you are going to love it! We DO allow 30-day money back policy. Please visit our return policy page for more information.